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Project Overview

February 17, 2013

This blog will document my progress through a university project.

The product will be a 3D transforming robot. It will be a high quality piece of work to enhance my 3D modeling show reel.

The project will be an attempt to reproduce a super bowl advert featuring Bumblebee, a transforming robot from the transformers film franchise.

My sequence will feature a car (which I have produced already) transforming into an 18ft robot and interacting with a 3D character.

The final deliverable outcomes will be a fully rigged and textured transformer model, 15 seconds of high quality character animation with transforming animation. If I have extra time, I will include a second transformation.

This is a solo project for a portfolio piece so the focus here really is quality over quantity. The 3D model will be complex, composed of hundreds of parts, with a realistic mechanical rig including moving parts such as pistons and springs. The animation will be intricate and feature at least 100 moving parts and panels.

What is the aim of this project from a development point of view? To show my ability to learn quickly and produce visually striking work while attempting new challenges, demonstrate my proficiency at using 3D techniques, as well as my fluency in 3D software packages.

What is the aim of this project from a personal point of view? To get a first class degree and a job.

What are the objectives of this project? To produce a hyper-realistic model and animation that approaches the quality of a professional CGI studio.

Why I can achieve this: I have consistently achieved high firsts for modeling and animation projects, and am certain that, despite the complex nature of this proposal, I will be able to produce an exceptional piece of work that will make my show reel memorable.

This product will make use of a high quality asset I have already created. Creating it will be a project that plays to all my strengths. It will serve as a chance for me to be ambitious with the skills I have spent the last 3 years developing to create an excellent piece of work, with which to demonstrate my abilities to potential employers.

This product will show my proficiency in 3D modeling, retopology, rigging, texturing, animation; skills required of a 3D modeler by companies from an increasing range of industries. I will be using industry standard software and realising a full progression from concept to finished product. This will demonstrate my ability to build models from scratch and see them through the modeling pipeline from start to finish. My personal goal is to work for a film CGI company.

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