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Evaluation Plan

February 24, 2013

As my gannt chart shows, I aim to complete the final product significantly earlier than the deadline, so that I have time to react to feedback and implement changes.

The product will then be shown to both peers and tutors, from this I hope to gain useful critique from both a technical and aesthetic point of view.

Although I am already ahead of schedule, if the product is not finished by the demo point, I will show what I have rather than push back the deadline. As it is important to get feedback at a point where there is still time to make changes. I will then schedule a further screening of the final product when it is completed.

I have been constantly testing the product as I progress, developing multiple methods to do things when I am not sure, then taking a step back and critically evaluating my work. I have been testing all aspects of the pipeline before I get to them. I will be continuing this practice throughout the project, posting my work in progress online and seeking feedback from peers, tutors and a variety of appropriate forums.

I have also been contacting people I know to see if anyone has any links in the industry. A friend of mine has a relative who worked on the transformers films and has agreed to put me in touch. This would provide great help with my evaluation.

I will also be creating a survey using a website such as I will be seeking independent advice to assist me in the construction of unbiased questions that will yield useful results.

The final product will be uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo. I will post links to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as the forums.

My progress from start to finish will be fully catalogued online in my blog, which will be open to the public, and I will be drawing attention to this on the aforementioned mediums very early in the development process. I will also be creating an official website which will house all of my completed projects.

I will be releasing ‘teaser’ clips and stills at various milestones along the way and advertising these appropriately.

The product is being created as a show reel centerpiece as a tool to gain employment; self promotion is just as important as product promotion. I will be promoting myself alongside the product, developing coherent branding (including a logo) early so that I have a consistent and recognisable image when I start to release interest-generating content. All work I have online will be updated to include branding and all new work will include it.


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