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Work in Progress 8 – Finishing Touches

May 4, 2013

So I have been tidying up all the various bits that need to be done. Some last little bits of modeling. For example, the wheels on the shoulders were empty and needed some geometry inside.


Some screenshots of the bevelling process:

bevels2 bevelsbevel2

Rigged the car. This is a simple rig, as all it needs to do is roll into the scene, however as it needs to have some body roll as it brakes, it was actually a little more complicated than expected on account of the link constraints used:


A couple of comparison photos of WIP vs final quality below, you can see the difference bevelling the edges has made to the transformer. I decided to make the windows of the car transparent and model an interior. The headlights have also been improved:


So, I am creating a 3D modeling/animation show reel. But as I am working alone, I still need to do some compositing work. I have used Adobe After Effects to assemble my renders. I found it quite annoying that it doesn’t contain a high pass filter so I found a tutorial online to create my own. Added colour correction also at this stage.


Below you can see the difference the filters have made:



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